Thursday, July 9, 2009

You know that song by the Weepies?

It's called "Not Your Year."

And I kind of always have it stuck in my head lately because, well, I'm pretty sure 2009 is not my year. There's been a whole sequence of events that led me to this conclusion, but I don't actually want to talk about any of that here. At least not right now. The point is, things have been sort of crappy. And even when things are going mostly pretty well, I've had this general feeling of restlessness. Ennui, even.

And then.

(Oh, I'm putting off writing this down, because it's going to sound
so cheesy.)

And then. I saw an advanced screening of
Julie & Julia tonight. And I loved it and it made me feel happy and now all I want to do is cook, eat, and write about it.

So. I was already doing the cooking and eating part. All the time, actually. I mean, I spent the bulk of my 4th of July weekend holed up in my itty bitty kitchen demolishing an entire CSA box. Even though I was feeling sort of sickly. Which is maybe kind of sad, but I'll refer you to the paragraph above. Anyway, the point is that when I'm cooking, I feel really good. It's a fairly new love for me, just developed within the past couple of years, but I actually think about food pretty much all the time now.

I pore over food blogs and send emails to myself with links to recipes I want to try when such and such a vegetable is in season or whenever I can come up with a reason to bake a fancy tart. I read book after book about cooking and nutrition and the industrial food system and alternatives to said food system.

Food has the potential to be a lifestyle, a political statement, a revolutionary act.

The truth is, I actually started writing about food several months ago. Here. But I didn't tell anybody about it so I didn't have any incentive to keep writing and the posts sucked anyway, so I deleted them. But now I'm starting over.

I'm going to write (which is something I love) about food and cooking (two other things that I love), and I think maybe that could help with the whole aforementioned restlessness/ennui problem.

So watch this space, because tomorrow I'm baking cookies.


  1. Have you read _Animal, Vegetable, Mineral_ by Barbara Kingsolver? It suffers from preachiness, but has some great recipes. Also, the part about turkey sex is freaking hilarious.

    So glad you are doing this!

  2. I hope there will be dating stories mixed in with the cooking stuff.

  3. Sara - I haven't read it, but it's on my list. Two Anthony Bourdain titles just came up on my hold list at the library at the same time, so I'll wait for a while before requesting that one.

    Morgan - Yeah. That's probably going to happen. I've been playing with writing them up, and I'll most likely toss them up here as they're relevant or basically just as I feel like it.