Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Banana Graveyard, or, The King Has Left the Building

The idea came about because I had ten overripe bananas in my freezer. Ten. Ten is a lot of frozen bananas. Some might even say ten is an absurd number of frozen bananas.

Anyway, knowing that I wanted to bring some yummy baked goods with me to a BBQ this weekend, I went in search of recipes for banana-based treats. I thought about banana cupcakes, but cupcakes are tricky to transport. Unless maybe you let people ice their own cupcakes, but what if you run out of icing? And what consistency will the icing turn to when left sitting in the sun all afternoon?

Ok, no cupcakes.

Maybe cookies?

That's when I found it: peanut butter banana chocolate chip cookies.

I was already thinking of them as Elvis Presley cookies in my head by the time I realized that Sunday was the anniversary of his death. And then it only seemed a fitting--although irreverent--tribute to my first-ever favorite recording artist (when I was 6!) to bake them while listening to his music.

So I did.

I brought about 50 cookies with me to the BBQ and came home with an empty container, so I'll take that as a King-sized endorsement.

To be perfectly honest, I made zero adaptations to this recipe, so I'm just going to link you directly to the source: FatFree Vegan Kitchen.

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