Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Since March

That's how long I've been looking forward to this particular CSA box.

Now, of course I've been enjoying just about every aspect of the CSA experience, and I don't mean to imply that there's been anything lacking from the previous boxes. From strawberries to braised cabbage to fennel mashed potatoes to chilled cucumber soup and even to the Ultimate Zucchini Bread Recipe Challenge of 2009, I have been eating well this summer and I've found a lot of joy in the process.

But this box, my friends, is my first once since tomatoes came into season.

So. Many. Tomatoes.

And see, I've been looking forward to this panicky "dear lord, what will I do with all the tomatoes" feeling since March because that's when I first read about Molly Wizenberg's slow-roasted tomatoes with coriander. Just do what the woman says. You won't regret it. The recipe was originally posted over at Orangette and it also appears in her book, A Homemade Life.

Just look at these gorgeous things.

And now that there's a crisp fall chill in the air, the time is right to pop a pan of these in the oven, pull on your sweatpants, curl up with a good book, and take a peek every hour or so until those tomatoes have reached glorious perfection.

Slow down. Enjoy the changing seasons.

Enjoy the tomatoes.